Personal Training Price/Value Face Off

When it comes to personal training, pricing is all over the map.  You can easily find people to train you for anywhere from $40 to $250 per hour, and if you look hard you might even pay less (or more).  But what are you really getting for your money?   If someone is a good trainer, why do they have to work for so much less?  And how much better or smarter is the trainer who charges $250 per hour?

Among the larger fitness chains, training prices vary considerably. A trainer like myself - with 10 years of experience and a masters degree in exercise science - would be at the top of the scale.  Here's the surprise about this:  At NYSC, the rate for training with me as a member is $99 per hour, and it is $121 per hour as a non-member.  At any of the top 3 competing gyms, you could pay $140-150 per hour for a trainer at my "level."  So even as a non-member it is less expensive to train with a top trainer at NYSC.

So what about qualifications?  Here is another surprise.  Only one of the gyms requires all trainers to have at least 3 nationally accredited and recognized certifications or college degrees (no dubious "in house" certifications).  Again, NYSC.

So if you're thinking about training, why not stop by and check out the program here or contact me for more information.